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Ancient Order of Hibernians
John P. Holland Division
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Box 1463
New London, Connecticut

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John F. Kennedy / John P. Holland Division

New London, Connecticut

Welcome. Thank you for all coming. We will begin with the pledge of allegiance to the flag, followed by reading the names of our deceased members.  Please stand.

We would be remiss not to begin our communion breakfast without a special acknowledgment of all the members of our Armed Forces, civilians as well as military personnel, who have given their lives in a sacrifice which enables us to enjoy the freedoms of our great nation. May they rest in Peace. We pray for those who go in harm's way today in service to our country in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other trouble spots around the world. May God protect them and bring them safely home.

We pray for our newly elected government leaders.  May God guide them in direction  to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves, our children, and grandchildren.

We pray at this time for the repose of the souls of the following deceased former members of our Order, their family members, and friends. May they rest in Peace.

As expected, our list of deceased members has increased again in the past year, including men who have been active members for many years.



John F. Kennedy / John P. Holland Division

New London, Connecticut

From earlier Divisions who are buried at our grave site in St. Mary's Cemetery: John Boddy, Patrick Donovan, William Roche, and from our division


John Bray

PP---   Edward Fox

John O'Connell

Thomas Brooks

Thomas Gannon

Joseph O'Farrell

PP---   Robert Butler

PP---   Frank Gorham

PP--- Jon O’Keeffe

Donald Callahan

Thomas Griffin

Peadar O'Toole

PP---   Joseph P. Coleman

Andrew Hamilton

Elmo Pearson

Thomas Condon

PP---   Jack Hanley

James Quinn

Joseph Corbett

John Hanrahan

William Reagan

Lawrence Craig

John Joseph Hanrahan

Peter Reilly

PP---   William Cronin

Bishop Daniel Hart

PP---   George Ryan

Michael Degnan

PP---   James Hennegan

Robert Shanahan

Hubert Dempsey

Waldron Higgins

Richard Shannon

PP---   John Dempsey

PP---   Raymond Huard

PP---   Richard Shaw

PP---   Frank Delmore

Martin Joyce

William Shaw

Joseph Delmore

John F. Kennedy

PP---   Leo Shea

Anthony Doherty

Jack Linicus

PP---   JohnShine

Charles Doherty

PP---   John Madden

Neil Shine

James Donahue

Robert Mara

PP---   George Sneider

Jermiah Donovan

Thomas  Martin

Edward Vine

Raymond Dolan

Thomas McGarry

Robert VonAchen

Eugene Ferryman

Thomas McGuire

PP---   James Ward

PP--- Edward Fitzgerald

PP---   Ernest Muehlberger

James Watterson

John Fitzpatrick

William Murphy

Joseph Watterson

Dennis Foley

Peter Newell

John Williams