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Question: What is the Ancient Order of Hibernians ?


Answer: The Ancient Order of Hibernians is a Catholic, Irish American Fraternal Organization founded in New York City 4 May, 1836. The Order can trace its roots back to a parent organization, of the same name, which has existed in Ireland for over 300 years. However, while the organizations share a common thread, the North American A.O.H. is a separate and much larger organization. 

The Order evolved from a need in the early sixteen hundreds to protect the lives of priests who risked immediate death to keep the Catholic Faith alive in occupied Ireland after the reign of England's King Henry VIII. When England Implemented its dreaded Penal Laws in Ireland, various secret social societies were formed across the country. These groups worked to aid and comfort the people by whatever means available. Similarly, the Ancient Order of Hibernians in America was founded May 4th, 1836 at New York's St. James Church, to protect the clergy, and church Property from the "Know Nothings" and their followers. At the same time the vast influx of Irish Immigrants fleeing famine issues in Ireland in the late 1840's, prompted a growth of various social societies in the USA - the largest of which was, and continues to be, the Ancient Order of Hibernians.

Active across the United States, The Order seeks to aid the newly arrived Irish, both socially, politically. The many Divisions and club facilities located throughout the U.S. traditionally have been among the first to welcome new Irish Americans. Here, the Irish culture -- art, dance, music, and sports are fostered and preserved. The newcomers can meet some of "their own" and are introduced to the social atmosphere of the Irish-American community. the A.O.H has been at the political forefront for issues concerning the Irish, such as; Immigration Reform; economic Incentives both here and in Ireland; the human rights issues addressed in the MacBride Legislation; Right-To-Life; and a peaceful and just solution to the issues that divide Ireland.

The Order has also provided a continuing bridge with Ireland for those who are generations removed from our country. The A.O.H sponsors many of the programs associated with promoting our Irish Heritage such as the IRISH WAY PROGRAM. You may further seek admittance to the FINEST Irish Catholic Organization in the World -- all we would ask is for you to live our motto of:

   Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity"

Upcoming Events
Annual AOH Gravesite Rememberance Sat 28 Nov 2020 11:00 AM
Deceased Members Annual Mass Sun 06 Dec 2020 10:30 AM
Monthly Meeting Tue 15 Dec 2020 7:00 PM
Monthly Meeting Tue 19 Jan 2021 7:00 PM
Monthly Meeting Tue 16 Feb 2021 7:00 PM

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2020 11 November Newsletter

November (Samhna) 2020 

Issue: 2020

Website:  Facebook:



President – Fran DePeter

Vice-President - Russ Carr               Chaplin- Fr. Mark O’Donnell

Recording Secretary - Jim Shake    Financial Secretary - Bob Curry

Treasurer – Victor Dowling                            Marshal – John Hughes

Sentinel – Mike Tranchida               Standing Comm. Chairman Jim Wasniewski

Upcoming meeting: The next scheduled meeting of the division will be held on Tuesday, November 17th as a ZOOM meeting @ 7:00 PM.  All members are encouraged to attend and if you are in need of assistance, please contact me at (860-443-3791).  


President’s Message:

This month’s meeting will again be a ZOOM meeting.  Given the recent increase of Covid 19 cases, it seems prudent to meet virtually.   It certainly is not ideal, but we should err on the side of caution.  I will send an email to all members with a link to the meeting by Monday evening.  


I was pleased to notice the mention of our additional charities and missions donations in the Connecticut state news section of the most recent issue of The National Hibernian Digest.  If you haven’t seen it, it read, “The lockdown has not stopped Hibernians from being charitable.  The John Holland Division of New London voted for an additional charities and missions donation of $100 each to Chaplin Fr. Mark O’Donnell, St Joseph Church, Catholic Charities Diocese of Norwich, Gemma Moran Food Pantry, the Irish Hunger Museum, and the Garde Arts Center.”  We should be proud of this recognition.


Our annual golf outing/fundraiser (earlier postponed due to inclement weather) was held on Saturday, October 24th at Pequot Golf Club.  Better weather greeted the 43 golfers who, despite the postponement, arrived at the course under rather misty, grey skies reminiscent of a mild day in Ireland.  By all reports everyone had a great time (good craic).  Many thanks to the AOH brothers who participated and the loyal golfers and tee sponsors who return faithfully every year for making this another successful fundraiser.  Full details will be reported at the Zoom meeting on Tuesday.


Fr. Mark’s knee surgery rehabilitation has progressed well.  He is back to regular duties.  He is now feeling up to officiating at the division gravesite ceremony again this year. Remember him in your prayers and hope for his continuing recovery.


Our first Friday meal delivery to the New London Homeless Hospitality Center resumed last month. It was scheduled for this past Friday.  There is no report at this time.  Volunteers are welcome to aid in this effort. 


The gravesite ceremony originally scheduled for November 21st has been rescheduled for Saturday, November 28th at 11:00 am.  The shift in date and time allows for Fr. Mark to officiate.  The annual Mass for deceased members has also been rescheduled due to Covid 19 restrictions at Sunday Masses.  The time and date is 10:30 am, Sunday, December 6th at St. Joseph Church with Mr. Mark celebrating the Mass.  The communion breakfast which traditionally follows the Mass is a consequence of restrictions as well.  We can hopefully look forward to this gathering on a future date.


Upcoming Events:


1) Monthly membership meeting   November 17th at 7:00 PM

2) Gravesite Ceremony November 28th at the AOH gravesite, St. Mary’s Cemetery 11 AM

3) Annual Mass for Deceased Members Sunday, December 6th at St. Joseph Church, 10:30 AM

4) Nominations for Missions and Charities and 2021 Slate of Officers Nov. / Dec. meetings



My best to all for good health,


Fran DePeter

President, John P. Holland Division

Ancient Order of Hibernians


In Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity

Sláinte agus beannacht Good health and God’s blessing



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