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Video's of Irish music and of Ireland itself!

On this page the reader will find sites taken from You-Tube that  depicts Ireland and it music.To get to the sites, just click on the Celtic Cross next to each statement !

National Anthem of Ireland Celtic Woman - A New Journey - Newgrange
"O Danny Boy"  By one, Finbar Wright! Ireland Tourism
The Nature of Ireland, it just looks right! Flying through Ireland

The Song " Ireland the Beautiful"

Old Ireland, Photos & Songs
Down By The Sally Gardens ! Last of the Mohicans Theme-Irish dancing
Irish Belssings! Essential Irish Songs For St. Patrick's Day
The Magic of Ireland! Celtic Woman - Amazing Grace

Beautiful Ireland - Paradise in Europe!
Báidín Fheilimí - Traditional Irish Song
The Very best of Ireland Don McLean - Mountains O'Mourne
Boondock Saints- The Hills of Ireland Irish Music
Irish Tap Dancing: Riverdance The Dubliners - Song for Ireland
Irish Music Emigrant Eyes: Dolores Keane Irish Rovers-Medley of Requested Songs
A song of Ireland Danny Boy Ireland
Michael Flatley: Dance From Ireland Celtic Rhythm Dancers
Willie McBride-The Dropkick Murphys The boys from the County Armagh
Orthodox Celts - Star Of The County Down Rocky Road To Dublin
Madam Piano - Galija (Galley) John McCormack: The Wearing of the Green
Celtic Thunder: The Mountains Of Mourne Rosscommon Reel - Irish Music Evergreen Band Live
Celtic Song - Bonny Portmore Blue -- Irish Dance by Jean Butler
The Worst Day Since Yesterday Medley of Irish Songs
Irish Soldier Laddie - Danny Doyle The Bold Grenadier - Al O'Donnell
We're Coming Down The Road Danny Doyle-Rollin' Ole River
Traditional Irish Music (James Cullinane Fiddle) Irish Traditional Dance Music
Irish Traditional Music Laura Beogon Irish Music/ Slipjigs
Irish music and dance God Save Ireland + Lyrics

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